Mulch Films

With over 27 years of specialization in the agro-business, epa’s mulch films are renowned by their high quality and durability. The main benefits outdoors and in the greenhouse of our plastic films on crops are:
• Humidity control
• Better utilization of nutrients
• Get cleaner and uniform crops
• Earlier crops
• Reduce weed growth
• Optimize the use of water, fertilizer, etc.
• Insects control
• Increase productivity
• Light fertilization
• Reduce erosion and soil compaction
• Reduces labor costs
• Mulch recollection “in one piece”

Due to the quality of our raw materials, production processes and quality assessment, epa’s film meet the parameters of ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials -. which ensures its features at dart Impact, elongation, tearing, light transmission and reflection.
Our constant search for innovation in the mulch, uses and benefits in the field; as well as specialized studies to meet the needs of our customers, allows us to maintain leadership and provide integral solutions for each one of the needs of every crop in different zones and agricultural cycles
All this through the analysis of pigments, resins and additives in our laboratory and designing films with the highest quality standards that allow maximization of crop production.
In epa ® we are Productive technology for your crops!, we provide agricultural advice for an integral solution to your needs, offering packages that include mulching and greenhouse films according to your needs.